Hi all....I would like some help on information regarding the above matter. How much should one charge for a full skin design work..which should include windowBlinds/icons/cursors/log on/boot skin...?? The project would be for a company.


on Mar 13, 2006
Depends on how cheap ya want to work for.  Some charge $500-1000 for a WB, about the same for icons, the rest doesn't take much time so ya can add some for eachAnd thats on the cheap side.
on Mar 13, 2006
Well.., if we talk about my last cursor theme named "Sonic", i would charge like $50.00.., but well, i do my skins just as a hobby, the only thing that i spect from the people is to see my cursors on the screen shots sections

PS: ...hehe, who would pay $50.00 for my work ??? i think that i´m crazy
on Mar 14, 2006

% of annual worktime expended multiplied by reasonable annual income.

Simple mathematics....

on Mar 14, 2006
Thanks guys for the input....any others who would share some insight on they recent projects for others.?
on Mar 14, 2006

....any others who would share some insight on they recent projects for others

You'll probably find that those who are genuinely/actively 'commercial' would be unlikely to disclose their fee structures.

People like Pixtudio, Skins Factory and ArtWork, for example would probably decline...

on Mar 14, 2006
Some charge $500-1000 for a WB,

Break that down to 80 hours and it is $ 6.25 - $12.50 per hour. Delivering newspapers pays better than that.
on Mar 14, 2006
I believe the charge for standard freelance graphic design is $60 per hour. It's about that amount here in Denmark.

And a WB and an IP is a lot of hours of work.
on Mar 14, 2006
Estimate the number of hours you will spend on the 'theme'.
Decide how much you want to make per hour.
Multiply the two.