need some help here..i cant get my new Jaluran Icon upload here..the upload almost always goes halfway thru and went dead . I wonder if i could sent it in thru someother methods? emailed it in? maybe? I would like to share this icons set here since i get a good respond in deviantart and skinbase
here a link to deviantart and skinbase...

check it out.


on Feb 26, 2006
that often also occurs when the file is large !!!
try a later when the servor in not busy !!!
on Feb 26, 2006
Give them another go.  The site was a wee bit slow-ish over the past few days, though that's generally quite temporary...
on Feb 26, 2006
Just keep trying. IconPackages are the only thing I ever have trouble uploading here and it usually takes me a few tries. Yours shouldn't be that hard. My last one was 13mb and I see yours is only 2.29. Good luck!
on Mar 03, 2006
hmm i been tring nearly 15 times....still no go......
on Mar 03, 2006
since 1 month I can once connect me on ten then for uploade ... good luck !!!
I do not know if the servor has a problem but that becomes really painful ...
and when I succeeded generally has to be on home page wc I can nothing any more make before 10 minutes for the next page !!!